Sunday, October 5, 2008

Letter To: SNL, On Jon Hamm

I know Saturday Night Live is a TV show, and Jon Hamm is most famous for the beyond brilliant Mad Men, which is currently the best show on TV. But, I really want to write this, and so I’ll use the fact that Hamm is in The Day the Earth Stood Still remake (which I will see mostly for him) as an excuse:

Dear SNL,
I love you. I watch you every week, and understand that most of the time your skits aren’t funny. You normally have 2-3 gems, and then a couple amusing ones. Weekend Update is pretty consistently great, the only part of the show that is. I appreciate that it is difficult to write a lot of great skits in one week, but you have a duty. Because the freakin’ amazing Jon Hamm is hosting your show in three weeks, you start now. Start coming up with great skits NOW! Not that I don’t love Anne Hathaway or Josh Brolin, but Jon Hamm needs to prove his comedic chops, which I know he has from late night interviews and such. So please, SNL, start writing some brilliant skits now, so Hamm is not let down.

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