Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Welcome

This is the umpteenth blog I’ve tried to begin, but given this has the best name, I assume it has the best chance of survival. I’m also focusing my view; I’ve tried to do blogs on all of entertainment, but now I will stick to movies. Every Saturday (or around then) I will make a post about music, books and TV Shows you should check out.

But back to movies. The name of course comes from what may be the best movie of all time, “Fargo”. It is in hot contention with “Taxi Driver”. My first ‘real’ post will be my Top Ten of All Time List, but I must give this warning: I am hideously behind in my film education. I have not seen “The Godfather”. I have not seen “Goodfellas”. I have not seen “Fight Club”, nor “Pulp Fiction”. There are a million holes which I have to fill, but here is the silver lining. You will have the opportunity to follow me through my film education! I will try and post a review for each movie I watch, but if I see too many a week, I may do a summary post every weekend. This way, you can see what holes I’m closing and which I still have left. Also, every year, I will not only post my Top Ten of the year, but also a Revised Top Ten of All Time.

There will be features and reviews and news. I will try and do at least one movie review a week, and at least one DVD review. This will difficult, given my small budget, but I will attempt it. I will try to make 2-3 posts per day on movie news items. I will also have “neat” features. Once a month I will ‘write a letter’ to a celebrity who needs to learn a lesson for two (something tells me Dane Cook will get at least 10). Another feature will be called “Flashback”. I’m excited about this one. I will begin next year with 1992 (my birth year) and watch a movie that came out that week of that year. This will be bi-weekly at first (therefor the film can be from either of the two weeks), but it may become weekly eventually. Finally, I will do some sort of DVD round-up every Tuesday, because I quite like those.

Also, I will be seeing 5 films at the Chicago Film Festival (hopefully they will be: “Happy-Go-Lucky”, “Wendy & Lucy”, “The Good, The Bad, and the Weird”, “The Wrestler” and “A Christmas Tale”). I will then review these movies on the blog.

So please, stay. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see, and if not, then…

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