Monday, October 6, 2008

Why "Chihuahua"s Scare Me Not

Many are troubled by the #1 film at the box office this week, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I see where these people come from. It is upsetting that good films (such as the severely underrated Flash of Genius) recieve poor Box Office due to lame films (thought, to be fair, I did not see BHC, but most people seem upset at it's success). And I completely agree in cases such as Disaster Movie, Bangkok Dangerous or Meet the Spartans. But BHC is different. The people who Flash of Genius aims for are not the same as the people BHC aims for. The latter aims for children, that former for adults. The problem with kids movies is not that they can't be done well, as Pixar proves time after time that they can be the most brilliant films out there. However, they come along much less often. So, it makes sense that if a kid sees a movie with talking dogs, they will say "Yes, please". And guess what? I was raised on those movies. But I grew out of them. Just because you see these pieces of crap as a kid does not mean those bad tastes carry over. A parent, no matter how big of a snob, would be asinine to refuse to take their kid to a movie because it didn't look good. If your kid really wants to go see this thing, you can rest assured that part of the reason they want to go is because they love the theater. And that's great! Take them to the theater whenever a kid movie comes out (if you have the time and money). Instead of being a snob, let them develop their own taste for movies. Loving movies is so much more important than loving good movies. I'm a snob, and I'll be the first to tell you this.

Now, I must expand on a point a introduced a second ago. While these movies making money do not trouble me, movies such as Disaster Movie do, because it holds back careers. By rewarding shit filmmakers, they can create more and more shit, instead of letting geniuses come in and take over. I know movie taste is subjective, but seriously. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Pineapple Express proved that movies can be big, enjoyable and brilliant. There are no more excuses.

But let me return to my original point for a final word, a word of hope. Sure, BHC topped the Box Office, but guess what? If it had opened anywhere near Wall-E, it would have been demolished. Not only would Pixar's masterpiece beat it, but, because there was a better alternative, few people would have seen BHC at all. The kids would be happy with Wall-E, and have no need to see that shit. I will bet you that Bolt, if it's half as good as it looks, will do much better than BHC, because it will not only have kids dragging their parents, but it will have film buff parents dragging their kids.

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