Monday, October 6, 2008

WWI + The Hobbit = del Toro Rules

Source: ComingSoon

You can tell Guillermo del Toro is a brilliant filmmaker because to build hype for his films, he merely needs to let them exist. Of course, it helps when the film you're hyping is based off of one of the biggest books of all time, and a prequel to the most epic film trilogy since the original Star Wars. The Hobbit will be great, not only because I love the book and del Toro, but because he seems to get it. Listen, I loved The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. I thought it was loads of fun. Great performances, beautiful sets, etc. However, Jackson didn't seem to completely get what it all meant. That's why it helps when del Toro comes out and says the following:

"I find you have to discipline yourself to write in the morning, and then watch and read in the afternoons stuff that seems relevant, even in a tangential way. For example, reading or watching World War I documentaries or books that I think inform 'The Hobbit,' strangely enough, because I believe it is a book born out of Tolkien's generation's experience with World War I and the disappointment of being in that field and seeing all those values kind of collapse. I think it's a turning point that you need to familiarize yourself with."

It seems that Toro completely gets it. He's putting in the time and research (not saying Jackson didn't). I think these films (they're splitting it into two movies) will have the epic proportions of Lord of the Rings, but the sheer brilliance and vision of Pan's Labyrinth. It also helps that Pan was also using mythical creatures as an allegory for war (in that case, it was the Spanish Civil
War) and it was one of thebest films of the year. I have extremely high hopes for this project.

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