Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Movie Briefs: Cera Signs on Development, Andy Signs on Conan, Gondry Signs on Green Hornet

  • ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT MOVIE A GO! It is basically 100% official. It now looks like Michael Cera has signed on, and everyone else already has and awesome! There's no word on when they'll start filming or anything, because it hasn't actually been confirmed. But it basically has. Get very excited people

  • In the third piece of insanly great news today, Michael Gondry will be directing The Green Hornet. Yes, that Green Hornet, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg of Superbad and Pineapple Express fame. And starring Seth Rogen and Stephan Chow. It's kind of cool that, first, Seth and Evan's Express is directed by arthouse-hero David Gordan Green. And now, for their next big-screen blockbuster, they bring in the opposite of a blockbuster-director. Some are worried that the story of the Green Hornet doesn't give Gondry enough room to play, but that's why he's Michael Gondry! Because he can do amazing things, remember? I loved Eternal Sunshine, and it's currently one of my favorite of the decade. I also liked Be Kind, Rewind a lot more than most people. Paint me excited.

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