Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out This Week: 3rd Week in February, 2009

Fired Up!
(Dir. Will Gluck)
[Wide Release]

Plot: Two high school jocks (Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen) can't stand the thought of another summer at football camp. So, they decide to go to cheerleading camp instead! They figure, more hot babes equals better summer, right? Well, it all goes according to plan until one of the guys falls in love with a cheerleader.

My Excitement Level (1-10): 3
Why?: C'mon, look at the plot. And D'Agosto sucked the big one on Heroes who stood out as uncharismatic among a sea of lameos. Plus, the commercials look really dumb (except for the "we are crashing/we we are crashing" line. That was pretty funny). Despite rave reviews from Ain't It Cool, I think I'll skip this one.
Current RT: 22%

Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail
(Dir. Tyler Perry)
[Wide Release]

Plot: A lot of black stuff happens to black people and Tyler Perry dresses up as a woman again.

My Excitement Level: 0
Why?: Not even going to bother.

Current RT: N/A

Must Read After My Death
(Dir. Morgan Dews)
[Limited Release]

Plot: A documentary about Dews' grandmother, Allis, who over her life collected a large amount of audio recordings, silent films, pictures and journals of and about her family's tough history. After her death, Dews discovered these treasures and created this film following the life of his grandmother, and her hisband and four kids. As their lives turn darker, so do the recordings, and Dews plays these tapes in contradiction with the home movies which create a much simpler and nicer facade.

My Excitement Level: 9
Why?: Maybe it's just because this film happens to come out the same weekend as the previous two movies I mentioned, but it seems very unique and quite possibly (and hopefully) heartbreaking. It reminds me of My Winnipeg, if not quite (or nearly) as weird, in the way that it strips the memories we create to show the truth of the pain we have stored in our past.

Current RT: 100%

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